Sunday, January 22, 2017

Goodbye Mad Rose

Another late night staple in Clarendon has shut it's doors this weekend with Mad Rose Tavern throwing its Last Call party Saturday Jan 21. This isn't as much as a tear jerker as other recent closings, as the next door Pampola owners Social Restaurant Group also are involved with Mad Rose and are planning on opening a Taiwanese food restaurant Bao Bar to replace Mad Rose.

Mad Rose opened in 2011 with a strange layout and mediocre food. They worked on focusing themselves on their patio hooka service and late night DJ's. In 2013 they made a splash by hosting a Sisqo concert, which I was hoping was going to lead them to more live music shows in the future. They did well with events and parties thrown by Social DC PR and others as well as frequently hosting popular DJs like Yezmin Soliz. Their back patio was their biggest draw, even if it was in an easy to miss location hidden behind 3100 Clarendon office building.

Looking forward to Bao Bar! Hope it opens soon, maybe later in 2017.