Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goodbye Eleventh (at least for now)

Eleventh Street Lounge closed today
Eleventh Street Lounge closed today, as they are moving out in preparation for the 10 story office building that will be constructed around it. Today the bar was unusually packed and loud throughout the day as locals came by to get one last drink.

The hostess did tell me that Eleventh's owner has found a new location, and Eleventh might relocate there soon. Also the current development plans will leave the buildings that house Eleventh and Potomac Crossfit in tact, so the bar might be able to return to Clarendon after construction is complete.

If Eleventh does make a come back, it may look different as most of the interior and decorations were sold online today at a Rasmus auction. I wish I had grabbed up a chandelier or set of draperies!

Free Wine Tastings at Screwtop Wine Bar

Dr Wino serving wine tastings to Clarendonites
This past Saturday Juanuary 28, Screwtop Wine Bar hosted a free wine tasting from 1-4pm.  Mrs. Amanda Page, known as Dr. Wino, poured a selection of two whites and two reds:
  • Seeker Sauvignon Blanc $14.99
  • Lobster Gruner Veltliner $13.99
  • Obvio Malbec $8.99
  • Avery Quinn Cabernet Sauvignon $13.99
Screwtop is hosting another wine tasting for Valentine's Day next month, on Feb 11th from 3-5pm. This Sweeetheard Wine Tasting features 16 wines, chocolates, cupcakes, and take homes for $50.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Get There Before Its Gone...

The announcement that corner block of Highland and Washington will eventually be demolished to make room for a 10 story office building has made me and my fellow Clarendon bloggers sad, as we will be losing a favorite late night hotspot Eleventh Street Lounge.

This has inspired me plan a bar hopping night to some local Clarendon venues that are either closing or might leave us soon:

1. Eleventh Street Lounge

Eleventh Street Lounge
As soon as I moved to Clarendon, the red walled lounge quickly became one of my favorite spots. Upstairs features a warm and narrow modern bar, with a "secret" dancefloor basement that I've gotten many fun memories from. They also used to have free stand up comedy shows in the basement regularly. I also enjoyed their stuffed burgers with mixed sweet potato and golden french fries. Definately a must visit place before they close on Sunday Jan 29. Here's hoping they will be able to reopen a new venue when the 10 story building is complete!

2. Jay's Saloon

Jay's newly felted pool table
Jay's is a long time favorite due to its dive-ish easy going ways, off-the-beaten-path location and half price burger Tuesdays. Even though Jay's states it is not going anywhere until at least 2013, their location next to a series of car dealerships on 10th Street and possible month-to-month lease worries me. I'm excited that they are coming up on their 20th anniversary in Clarendon. Check out their great happy hours from 4 - 9pm on Thursdays.

3. O'Sullivan's

There have been no rumors of O'Sullivan going anywhere, but I listed it here due to their location in front and below of the stalled Zom/USAA planned 10 story apartment building. I'm worried that if construction ever starts, we might lose this Irish pub that features trivia night on Wednesdays, karoke Tuesdays, and live music Thursday to Saturday. This small bar also features a mean bruch special on the weekend.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Liberty Tavern extends Restaurant Week

Last week on Tuesday I just barely made it to Liberty Tavern before their kitchen closed at 10pm, and luckily was able to try out their excellent Restaurant Week menu. Unlike some other participating venues, Everything on their menu was available for the three course Restaurant Week deal. To sweeten the deal, Liberty Tavern has extended their Restaurant Week until January 22! Make sure you take advantage of this deal for their delicious entrees and deserts!

Beet arugala salad



Chocolate smore cake

Monday, January 16, 2012

Half Price Wine Bottles at Cava Mezze

Photo via Cavamezze.com
I finally got around to trying out the Clarendon location of Cava Mezze that opened last year. Snuggled between Pinkberry and Restaurant 3 on Clarendon Blvd, it is a cozy little restaurant with lots of warm wood surround the booths and many small tables.

My favorite small plate was the Braised Meatball Sliders, but the best part of the meal was the wine. Every Monday night, Cava offers every bottle of wine on the menu at half price. So I got to sample a $40 Snake Charmer for only $20 that night.

Cava would be better for groups if they had more large tables, as there are plenty of things to talk about and small plates to share that works well with a crowd. Also waiters coming by frequently to light certain dishes on fire next to your table is always good conversation fooder.

Not a surprise that Cava gets four stars on Yelp.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rustico Beer Academy Jan 21

Photo via Rusticorestaurant.com
Rustico's Beer Director Greg Engert is hosting their "beer academy", a monthy beer tasting. Engert provides and talks about six beers to taste. The next one is Saturday Jan 21 from 1-3pm and cost $24.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Drama outside Lyon Hall

Photo via Dave Krasinski
Wednesday night was full of rain and action outside of Lyon Hall, as police and fire department vehicles shut down the corner of Highland Street and Washington Blvd. I don't have details on what happened, but someone saw a man carried away on a stretcher from the 7-11 across the street.

Thanks to ,  and for the live updates!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hunan Number One spotlighted by OnTapOnline

Wing at home running the bar at Hunan
Clarendon's hidden gem Hunan Number One was one of three DC area bars featured by OnTapOnline recently. Known for being full of personality and cheap 32 oz mugs of beer, it's one of the few dive-ish bars left in Clarendon.

OnTap interviewed Wing Tsang, who is the manager and energy behind the family owned venue tucked away on Garfield Street. Every time I've been to Hunan I've seen Wing behind one of the bars, and usually her father running between them refilling the taps. Looking forward to more fun times at Hunan this winter!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beer & Wine Walks in Crystal City

Later this month, Crystal City will host their now annual 1K Wine Walk on Jan 14 and 15th. The walk runs from 2-7pm each day and gives walkers 30 different wines to taste through the indoor course at Crystal City Shops. Tickets are $40 here.

The next weekend, the same location will debut the first 1K Beer Walk. The tickets for this Jan 21 & 22nd event are slightly cheaper at $35 each.