Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Goodbye Sehkraft Brewery

Justin Trawick and the Common Good performing
an amazing set at Sehkraft late Dec 2016 
Local authoritative news source ARLNow is reporting the unfortunate news that Sehkraft Brewing is closing early January. The new venue, barely one year old, was one of my favorites with its ambitious goal of being a brewery, butcher meat backed restaurant, outdoor beer garden and live music stage. Their last day will be Tuesday Jan 10. This seems sudden as they had booked bands out until March.

I recently had the opportunity to see Justin Trawick and the Common Good put on a great show, as well as Sehkraft being a home for a short time to the Nine Songwriter Series and Derek Evry's open mic nights. Sadly, it wasn't enough to keep Sehkraft a float combined with the tough restaurant competition in Clarendon.

Sehkraft will be missed. No word yet on what might replace it in the large commercial space on 925 North Garfield Street, but I'm hoping for the best.