Thursday, April 2, 2020

GoFundMe to save Clarendon bar staff

If you want to help out your favorite Clarendon venue but need to stay at home to help the fight against COVID-19, there are plenty of fundraisers and gift card options. Below are all the ones I know about in the immediate area.

There are still a number of restaurants offering carryout and sometimes delivery now.

ArlingtonCanDo is a huge list of direct links to purchase gift cards for local businesses

Ambar - gift cards towards employee fund, $130 value for $100 purchase. Their GoFundMe is ongoing for $20,000

Arlington Cinema Drafthouse has a GoFundMe for employees of $10,000

Casal's - gift cards, get $125 value for $100 gift card

Galaxy Hut - closed with gofundme for staff $26,000 goal

There is a separate gofundme for Galaxy Hut and Spacebar business for $10,000

The GOAT and Don Tito - purchase gift card and 50% value goes to employees

Liberty Tavern - gofundme with $30,000 goal

Lyon Hall - gofundme with $30,000 goal

Northside Social - gofundme with $100,000 goal for both of its locations

O'Sullivans - gofundme for staff with $5,000 goal

Pamplona - gofundme for staff with $15,000 goal

Quarterdeck - gofundme with $15,000 goal

Rhodeside Grill - gofundme for employees with $5,000 goal

South Block Smoothies is matching donations to its Fruit Relief Fund up to $5,000 to donate 9,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables to local families

Screwtop Wine Bar has a virtual tips jar for its servers

Spider Kelly's - gofundme for 30 person staff with $20,000 goal

Whitlows - gofundme with $10,000 goal for its people

Union Stage and Jammin Java - surpassed its $20,000 goal for its employees!