Monday, March 30, 2020

Clap for healtcare heros at 8pm

Applaud out your balcony, windows or front yard at 8pm tonight, Monday March 30 to pay tribute to healthcare workers fighting to save lives against the COVID-19 spread. Arlington County is participating in the clap which coincides with National Doctor's Day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Goodbye Bracket Room (not really)

Not an April Fools joke, but Bracket Room announced on Instagram Monday March 30  that it is re-opening for carryout only. These are confusing times. Glad to have this Clarendon venue back though and hope all the other restaurants can eventually re-open too after the pandemic.

Original post:
The COVID-19 coronavirus appears to have permanently closed Bracket Room today, March 24. The sports venue on Garfield Street had previously reduced service for take out and delivery to help limit the spread of the virus. It is the first in what could be a series of permanent closures that will completely change the Clarendon nightlife and business scene in these dangerous times.

Bracket Room will be missed as it has been servicing drinks and throwing sports events for more than six years. I particularly remember an incredibly fun night in 2013 that turned into my favorite NYE in Clarendon ever. While relatively small and tucked behind Circa, it had a multitude of TV screens and often threw charitable events for suicide prevention and cancer fundraisers.

Thank you for Chris Bukowski and the other owners for the past six years! Sad to see Bracket Room shut down.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Justin Trawick on Facebook Live

Photo via Washington Post
As in person concerts are currently unsafe and prohibited, live performances on social media platform have started to fill in the gap. Arlington resident and musician Justin Trawick was one of the first to embrace this new medium and his live shows with Lauren LeMunyan have caught the attention of Reuters, Washingtonian and the Washington Post!

Filmed from their apartment, the couple perform original songs and covers while interacting and taking requests from Facebook comments live. The shows are free, but you should tip them on Venmo or Paypal just as you would in person. All of his income comes from live performances like this so be generous!

Their next show will be Sunday, March 22 broadcast from his Facebook music page (the one with the blue check mark) at 8pm and will last about an hour.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Stay indoors to stop COVID-19 spreading

Clarendon completely failed at social distancing this past weekend sadly. Arlington bar goers did not take the Coronavirus COVID-19 virus threat seriously, despite multiple cases already verified in Arlington and the constant warning from the CDC that this pandemic will get much worse soon.

At the present rate, the United States is on track to have the same level of infections as Italy which has been completely overrun with the virus. Unfortunately many 20 and 30 year olds didn't care about preventing our medical services from collapsing and running out of ICU room, but instead prioritized getting a drink on a rainy weekend of March 13-14 as if it was an ordinary time.

Bars and nightclubs are prime ground for the virus to spread, as many young people are infected with COVID-19 and show no symptoms and insist on selfishly socializing in close groups in these critical times. DC government first closed all nightclubs over the weekend, and now have taken the steps to shutter all DC bars at well because of this threat. Arlington County unfortunately is unable to shut down the nightlife venues itself due to the Dillon Rule and have to wait for decisions form Richmond to enforce. The governor has banned all events of 100 or more people as of today, and many bars and restaurants are closing or offering only carryout service to lower the number of infections.

This could be the worst time to try to convince Clarendon venues to act for the greater good and close their doors, as the combination of warmer weather, St. Patrick's day and many outdoor and patio spaces opening last week equal a huge boom to local businesses. Sadly, some venues are still staying open and promoting socializing while other bars have voluntarily closed for this holiday. If you want to support local restaurants and business during a quarantine, please buy gift cards from your favorite bar to redeem later or order take out/delivery from them.

There are still a few innovative options to get live music during a health crisis. Arlington musicians Justin Trawick and Laura LeMunyan put on several Facebook Live concerts that were so successful they attracted the attention of Reuters to interview them. Jasmine Gillison had a live show with Ben Tufts on WERA 96.7 last week. Derek Evry has an Instagram live show at 8pm March 16. All performers have Venmo or Paypal accounts where you can tip them virtually.

The blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for Clarendon Nights is going quiet for a long time, as its inappropriate and dangerous to promote large events. I'll probably still retweet events and news about Clarendon. Please check out ArlNow for up to date local news and coverage during these stressful times.