Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goodbye Eleventh (at least for now)

Eleventh Street Lounge closed today
Eleventh Street Lounge closed today, as they are moving out in preparation for the 10 story office building that will be constructed around it. Today the bar was unusually packed and loud throughout the day as locals came by to get one last drink.

The hostess did tell me that Eleventh's owner has found a new location, and Eleventh might relocate there soon. Also the current development plans will leave the buildings that house Eleventh and Potomac Crossfit in tact, so the bar might be able to return to Clarendon after construction is complete.

If Eleventh does make a come back, it may look different as most of the interior and decorations were sold online today at a Rasmus auction. I wish I had grabbed up a chandelier or set of draperies!