Monday, January 16, 2012

Half Price Wine Bottles at Cava Mezze

Photo via Cavamezze.com
I finally got around to trying out the Clarendon location of Cava Mezze that opened last year. Snuggled between Pinkberry and Restaurant 3 on Clarendon Blvd, it is a cozy little restaurant with lots of warm wood surround the booths and many small tables.

My favorite small plate was the Braised Meatball Sliders, but the best part of the meal was the wine. Every Monday night, Cava offers every bottle of wine on the menu at half price. So I got to sample a $40 Snake Charmer for only $20 that night.

Cava would be better for groups if they had more large tables, as there are plenty of things to talk about and small plates to share that works well with a crowd. Also waiters coming by frequently to light certain dishes on fire next to your table is always good conversation fooder.

Not a surprise that Cava gets four stars on Yelp.