Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Everyone's birthday is in April

Whitlows Tiki bar opening party in 2011
So many celebrations in Clarendon this month! Here is a quick listing of anniversaries:

 - Fellow local blog Boobs Bacon Bourbon celebrated its first year in town.

 - Mad Rose has been here 2 years now.

 - Whitlows has been in Clarendon forever, but its Tiki rooftop bar turned 2 this month.

 - Clarendon Fitness has been helping us burn off happy hour calories for 3 years.

 - Lyon Hall and Northside Social are also both turning 3 in April.

 - Sister restaurant Liberty Tavern is 6 years old.

 - Rhodeside Grill just finished their renovations in time to turn 17 on tax day.

 - And this month is also my birthday, coming just after Clarendon Nights turned 5 years old!