Saturday, December 3, 2011

Market Tavern replaces Harry's Tap Room

Downstairs bar
 Recently Harry's Tap Room, one of my favorite places for an upscale beer or fancy brunch, was revamped as Market Tavern. Despite being a "new" restaurant and having some kinks to work out, they offer great beer, wine and food in a cozy atmosphere.

The first floor is the "tavern" which features a familiar bar and free for all tables. The upstairs "chophouse" has more dining tables that are available for reservations. Although their are different menus for each section, I was able to order from either one. Their appetizer breads came with a plate full of fun spreads and spicy veggies.
Sliced NY steak salad
 Their take on a crab cake sandwich was tasty and satisifying, but not quiet as much meat as Clarendon Grill's version. The steak fries are delicious and just the right amount of grease. The sliced New York steak salad was also great, and went well with a dark glass of Malbec.
Crab cake sandwich
They have a massive drink menu, with over 77 wines by the glass and many fun beers offered. Pictured here is the "Old Rasputin" beer, which was dark and foamy like a Guiness black and tan.

I'm really happy about Market Tavern's new look and menu, and look forward to frequenting them again soon.