Saturday, December 10, 2011

Karaoke Saturday nights at Sobe

Stock photo via uskarokeallianace.com
I've been to Sobe before, and usually walk away dissapointed at both the food and the service. But this Saturday night I had an awesome time due to there weekly karaoke night. Every Saturday night starting at 8:30pm is open mic karaoke and every Friday night is a sing-along karaoke band.

We got there early, around 9pm and Sobe, the often overlooked restaurant next to Mad Rose, was still pretty sparesly populated. This gave us the chance to get good seats near the window with a great view of the amatuer performers.

The diverse crowd started picking up after midnight, with various singers including an office party full of suits,  black guys singing country, white girls singing "Baby Got Back", a 1920s themed dress birthday party, and an older man channeling Sinatra. It was a blast watching all the different groups get up on stange and sing a wide variety of hits.

I definately recommend checking Sobe out late on weekend nights, usually after midnight when the crowd is larger. I would stick with bottled beer when at the bar, as their mixed drinks are very watered down drinks and their wine tasted off.