Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rabbit and Red Velvet Cupcakery

Clarendon's newest little restuarant Rabbit opened last week and has more to offer than just their Red Velvet cupcakes. Their menu keeps with the rabbit food theme as it is mostly salads and sandwitches with sides of salads.

I tried their version of the Cubano pork sandwitch, which was good but nothing spectacular. The tuna salad pictured here was decent, but I agree with Clarendon Culture's review that their food seems lacking for the price.

There are many positives about Rabbit that will bring be back though, such as the airy wooden decorating, fresh carrot juice and the self serve water jug with mint and cucumbers. I'm also a fan of their cookies & creme cupcakes, and think their sweets will be good competition for neighboring Crumbs and Bakeshop.