Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cafe Wilson brunch

I finally got a chance to try out the tiny and easily missed Cafe Wilson on Garfield & Wilson. Before 2005, it was known as "Big Belly Deli" and still has the same decour and signage as before but just different owners.

Cafe Wilson is known for its vegetarian dishes and low prices, but I tried a few meat heavy items from their all day breakfast menu. The two eggs, hash browns, toast and circle bacon pictured here is a delicious value for $5.50. The egg, cheese and sausage english muffin was fresh but bland. I want to drop by again with some vegan friends and get their opinion of the quirkly little deli.

I hope little unique shops like this one can stay around as Clarendon grows and becomes more urbanized. Their neighbor Hunan Number One is one of my favorite places to get a cheap beer, and is similar to Cafe Wilson in the way that you could easily miss it walking past. Also, both venues have no-frills interior offers a nice contrast to all the high end restaurants that have popped up recently.