Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cupcake wars continue in Clarendon

The battle for cupcake supremacy was heating up this past weekend, as competition between Clarendon's bakeshops was increased during the pre-Valentine's Day weekend.

First the newcomer Crumbs makes a delicious alliance with neighbor Best Cellars and features their mini cupcakes along side local chocolates in the free wine and chocolate tasting last Tuesday.

This was just a prelude to a popular joint venture cupcake and wine tasting on Saturday, which paired about five wines from Best Cellars' collection with five Crumbs' mini cupcakes.

Not to be outdone, Bakeshop on Fillmore Street fired back with its own champagne and wine tasting. Our local Bakeshop fought back against the Crumbs Empire by allying with neighbor Screwtop Wine Bar for a free one hour tasting on Sunday. According to their Twitter feed, there were no cupcake survivors by 2:14 pm.

The most important question still remains: for the future battles, which wine shop will ally with Red Velvet when they come to Clarendon?

Apologies to The Cupcake Blog for leaching the image, but that little tank themed cupcake was too cool not to post.