Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mad Fox in Falls Church

If you are a beer fan, you should head down Route 7 to try Mad Fox for happy hour or dinner. The new restaurant located in Falls Church welcomes you with its large stainless steel brewing tanks has an amble selection of home brewed beer, meade, and root beer.

The venue also offers pizzas that can rival Fireworks' pies. The soup of the day was mashed potato, which was very creamy and accented with chives and bacon bits.

The main draw is their tasty beer menu, of which there is a good selection and they offer a four glass beer sampler which was very popular. Pictured here is the Stir-About Oatmeal Stout and Ginger-Apricot Meade. I've never had meade before and imagined it as being the drink of sloppy and vicious vikings, but this wine like beverage was sweet and refreshing.