Saturday, December 18, 2010

American Flatbread closing Christmas Eve

Sadly, American Flatbread Pizzaria on North Filmore Street has announced it is closing for good after December 24 of this year. The restaurant was never my personal favorite, but it is unfortunate to see a local business leave Clarendon, especially during the Christmas season. In an email to its customers, Flatbread explained three reasons for closing:
  1. "Severe issues with the environmental system," of which I don't know anything about
  2. The drama with not being able to use their outdoor patio seating, leading to loss revenue
  3. Their relationship with a "very adversarial landlord"
 They are staying open until Christmas Eve before the Grinch kicks them out. Drop by before then to help them go out in style! Thanks to Nathan for the heads up about this.