Friday, August 20, 2010

Screwtop Wine Bar outdoor seating

I got the chance to try out Screwtop Wine Bar's new outdoor seating on Fillmore Street. While only four small tables, it provides some more much needed sitting space for the unique Clarendon venue. And you won't be seeing a sign with sandwich specials on the sidewalk anytime soon after all the drama lately.

I tried the red wine flight, which offered three small portions of different flavors ranging from fruity to darker and dryer. I always recommend trying the samplers at any venue that offers them (like Lyon Hall's beer flight), just because I'm usually indecisive and its an easy conversation starter.

The grilled cheese sliders where delicious, although slight in portions. Screwtop is great dating venue, has a nice wine and cheese selection, some good appetizers but its not going to be cheap. There menu is a little bit confusing and needs to be streamlined a little. Overall I'm very happy with what Screwtop offers to the local nightlife and hope to go back soon, or to take some of their wine classes once they resume after August.

Thanks to Jason's DC Foodies blog for the image and a very thorough review of Screwtop.