Saturday, August 15, 2009

Montgomery County Fair

Took advantage of the beautiful weekend weather and made the trip up to Montgomery County to walk around the 2009 Agricultural Fair today.

Parking was $5 and entry to the park cost $8 per person. I recommend getting a funnel cake and lemonade as you enter, even if the only seats nearby to enjoy it is in the sun.

The carny games are fun and typical of a fair, and there where an impressive number of rides available. I steered clear of the animal freak show, as I don't call five legged sheep and two headed pigs entertainment.

I enjoyed the petting zoo with a good variety of both common barnyard stock and exotic animals. The "Chilly Mall" featured a HUGE selection of every type of candy available and organized into a maze-like isle.

See the calendar of events here for more details, or check out the fair map PDF.