Friday, August 21, 2009

Jazz in the Garden

Finally made it out to a delightful evening at the Jazz in the Garden, despite the torrent of sudden rain showers concluding the event early. The storm earlier in the day did provide the short lived rainbow pictured here.

The festival is held every Friday night at the Sculpture Garden at 7th & Constitution Ave. A live band fills the park with jazz as people either pack around the pond, walk around the grounds, or relax on blankets in the grass. It is also a great people watching scene, as this also attracts the young see-and-be-seen DC crowd.

It is highly recommended to get their early (music starts at 5pm) to stake out a good patch of grass and bring a few blankets to lay on. Also you can bring your own food, but alcohol is only allowed if purchased there (police patrol the garden and will confiscate your wine from home if you don't hide it well). You can also buy $25 picnic baskets which has everything two people need to enjoy the night.

There was also charitable events you could donate to, as Shannon was raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by selling water bottles and freezy pops. It's a great charity that fights blood cancers, and if Shannon raises $1,800 for their cause she can run in the Marine Corp Marathon. Good luck!