Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ten Out Of Tenn @ Iota

I'm really glad I got to see Ten Out Of Tenn perform tonight, it one of the biggest shows ever at the smallest venue in Clarendon. Talk about getting alot for your money, this band combines ten outstanding musical talents into one phenomenal show. They even managed to squeeze as many as nine performers on Iota's minimalist stage at once!

Calling them a "band" is a gross understatement, like calling Batman "a guy in a cape." This is a group of 10 friends who share some great charisma and musical abilities with each other. I love watching them perform and enjoyed how easily they changed their lineup with every song. It seemed as if every member of the group was comfortable with every instrument, giving a very fluid and flowing feeling to the night.

Each one of the ten could have easily had their own solo performance that would have been worth seeing. Here's a quick synopsis of my favorite members:

This British Australian bombshell impressed me with both her vocal and guitar skills, but then she picked up the bass just as easily! Every part of her oozed with coolness, from her red heels to that great accent.

Erin's soft spoken demeanor was completely contradicted by her incredible stage presence, as her vocal talents match her beauty.

This guy was one of the funnest to watch, as his talent varied from bass to keyboards to "swamp" style guitar to politically charged rap.

Katie was ducking back in forth between selling CDs at the door and performing vocals and guitar for us. She did not disappoint the audience with her awesome rendition of "Hologram".

I'm kicking myself that I missed a chance to talk to her before the show started, but I didn't recognize her with that hat on.

Andy' finesse with the keyboard was impressive enough, but then I was even more amazed by both his voice and his ability to get the audience involved in his music.