Thursday, April 4, 2019

Goodbye Mister Days

It 's a sad day to learn that the wonderfully down to earth sports bar Mister Days will be closing for good on Friday, April 12. It was shocking to read ArlNow break the news on the classic nightlife staple deciding to close after 18 years in Clarendon. Mister Days as a brand is actually 41 years old dating back to when it was started in DC as a happy hour spot.

Mister Days moved to Highland Street in 2001 just before Clarendon turned into the bustling nightlife spot it is now, attracting a young crowd to its multi-floor bar, infamous dance floor and many TV screens. Mister Days continued to be popular spot with poker, trivia, cornhole, DJs, game days, and VA Tech alumni.

The owner Robert E. Lee, whose grand mother actually has a building named after her down the street at Marymount University's Rose Bette Lee Center, decided to close up the bar and sell to another local Patrick Crump. Crump hopes to rekindle the glory days of Mister Days with a new restaurant "The Grill on Highland". The aptly named bar may take elements from the also closed next door former venue Clarendon Grill. With both Mister Days and the Grill closed up, the next few days will see a much quieter Highland Street at night between Lyon Hall and GOAT.