Sunday, April 8, 2018

Goodbye and Welcome Back Goody's Pizza

Update May 22: Goody's reopened under new management a month and a half after closing! New owners keeping the menu and staff but updated the interior. Read the full story at ArlNow.com.

Goody's pizza shop in Clarendon closed on Saturday, April 7 2018. As ArlNow.com first reported, the owners decided to close the tiny pizzeria and retire after their rent continued to rise and felt they could not increase pizza costs as well. Check out this ArlNow.com video interview for more perspectives from the owners.

Goody's opened in 2006 and will be missed as it served as mainstay staple for nightlife in the middle of Clarendon with its miniscule footprint serving a huge number of hungry party-goers late into the early morning. It would be common for lines to go out the door and down the block of Wilson Blvd after midnight on Friday or Saturday nights. I found that their pizza tasted the best late at night, as their kitchen pushed out tons of fresh cheese or pepperoni slices for the hungry (and mostly intoxicated) crowds.

Here's hoping another small family owned business can take their place at 3125 Wilson Blvd, as without local unique shops like this Clarendon will lose its unique and vibrant character.