Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Start saying your goodbyes to Jay's... again

Jay's Saloon is still serving cheap beer and eats as Clarendon's defacto dive bar, but its no surprise to anyone that their days are numbered. Since opening their doors in a converted house in 1993, Jay's owners Kathi and Jay Moore have kept it an unpretentious neighborhood bar that contrasts sharply with Clarendon's popular night life spots like Spider Kelly's, Ballroom and Mad Rose. Ever since their landlord would not renew their lease and have been on a month-to-month arrangement there has been rumors and talk of Jay's closing.

This summer is no different, as progress to raze Jay's and the neighboring car dealerships is progressing slowly. Clark Realty recently submitted an updated plan on what they want to replace the 3100 block of 10th street with. The new development is now named 10th Street Flats and will feature mixed use buildings with 136 apartments and thousands of square feet of retail and office. It will also include 9 strange live/work units, similar to those in the Garfield Park Apartments that are still vacant.

While the new development might help bring more much needed foot traffic to 10th street, the news should really server as another reason to visit Jay's outdoor patio at least one more time this summer.