Saturday, June 28, 2014

All American Bar Crawl June 28

Watch out Clarendon, there is yet another huge bar crawl coming to our neighborhood. Last year's turnout for the All American Bar Crawl was huge with thousands of party goers enjoying the hot weather in red, white and blue crazy attire.

On Saturday, June 28 Project DC has convinced over a dozen local bars will participate in the 2-9pm event with drink and food specials. Included in the $15 ticket ($20 day of) will be a mug, beads, raffle ticket, and $2 Bronx pizza slices (cheese only, with toppings are $3 or $4 per slice). The party starts with registration at either Clarendon Ballroom, Velocity 5 or Mad Rose. There will probably be huge lines like last year so come early.

With all the recent controversy surrounding bar crawls and the debauchery it can bring to the neighborhood, it will be interesting to see how this summer's giant party works out.