Friday, June 21, 2013

Dangerously dark on Clarendon Blvd

For at least a week now, the new LED street lamps on eastbound Clarendon Blvd have not been lit at night. This creates a dangerous area as there is heavy pedistrian traffic here at night, especially with the Clarendon Metro station on one side, Mad Rose and Sobe late night bars on the other, and then a not obvious crosswalk not at an intersection connecting them.

Usually this type of infrastructure issue doesn't belong on this blog, but I feel annoyed by this avoidable situation. Having a key area of the town in darkenss really doesn't help a situation full of intoxicated people and speeding cars. Despite reporting the problem to Arlington county and its Twitter feed, I haven't heard anything back. For a county that loves shiny new funding projects like $310 million for a street car and $2.4 million for Artisphere, I don't think its unreasonable for me to expect them to maintain basic utilities like street lighting.