Thursday, January 31, 2013

Northside Social Wine Bar happy hour

Their patio was open during this unusually
warm Janurary night
 Clarendon's best coffee shop Northside Social has redesigned its upstairs wine bar and is offering a new happy hour there. From 5-7pm Monday through Saturday, they have selected 5 of their wines to be available at $5 each.

Wine bar manager and Arlington local Charlotte explained how Northside Social's upstairs bar acts like a separate venue than the familiar downstairs coffee lounge. She has changed the decor and menu to give it a more intimate and comfortable feel, better suited to enjoyed wine, cheese and conversations.

The upstairs wine bar at Northside Social with
wrap around wood couter tops has a warm feel

Charlotte says they are trying an experiment of imposing a no-laptop rule in the wine bar after 5pm to make it more of an escape from work. She also chooses artwork to display on the walls from local artists and photographers and rotates them every few months.

The first floor coffee bar at Northside also servers wine, but it is a completely different menu than the upstairs wine bar. Patrons are also free to bring their wine outside to the Wilson Street patio when the weather is friendly.