Monday, October 29, 2012

DC101 Halloween bash at Ballroom

80s cartoons were represented well
Halloween is really the only time of the year I frequent the Clarendon Ballroom. The large three level dance club has the reputation of aggressive bouncers, sleazy guys, tons of girl drama, sticky floors and predictable cover band music. But on Halloween weekend that all changes and Ballroom becomes a fun and happy place with everyone in costume being friendly to each other. I call this the "Halloween effect", as all the patrons are so happy to show off their costumes and very willing to compliment others on their creativitiy.

Last Friday night was DC101's annual Halloween party and costume contest. Since the winner gets a grand prize of $3,000, tons of creative and hilarious costume ideas are brought out to the Arlington club.

Crazy huge homemade angel wings
barely fit throught he door

As always, a long line forms around the block for entrance into Ballroom around 10pm. But even those standing in line seem happy, as being in costume and "being seen" outside Ballroom is popular. The $15 to $20 cover and no re-entry rule didn't discourage people and Ballroom was filled up early.

Best costumes this year in my opinion were anything 80s cartoon related (pictured here is an amazing Thundercats get up), giant Bender and Beaker suits, and original couple sets like The Price Is Right contestants. Costumes to avoid included adult Alice in Wonderland, as there were countless girls wearing the same light blue short dress costume.