Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Winners and Losers in Friday night's massive storm

This tree on 3rd and Fillmore took out two cars
 in Friday night's storm
Last Friday night a massively strong storm, officially classified as a "derecho", took everyone by surprised and caused dangerous conditions around 10:30pm. Almost everyone in the region lost power for several days, and as may as 400,000 Dominion customers are still waiting for their lights to come on.

The storm killed most usual Friday night activities for Clarendon, as most bars were plunged into darkness and cash registers would not work. After this strange weekend before the holiday passed, there are some clear "winners" and "losers" of this storm:

Winner = Silver Diner

Despite all of the rest of the block going dark, by some lucky miracle Silver Diner remained powered up the whole weekend. This gave them great business as their was a huge line out the door for them Saturday morning.

Loser = Lyon Park

By my estimate, Clarendon's residential neighbor to the south got hit the hardest in the immediate area. Some houses still do not have power, probably due to several huge (read: scary) trees that fell and damaged houses and parked cars. Luckily, the nearby 7-11 on Highland Street seems well stocked in bags of ice. Good luck on keeping cool!