Thursday, May 5, 2011

La Union

Since there was a line around the block at Whilow's and everything else was packed for Cinco de Mayo, I tried a difference place that was much quieter past Ballston. La Union is easily passed by on 5517 Wilson Blvd, and its probably better that way.

I had high hopes for this casual Mexican/Salvadoran restaurant and that it would be a great whole-in-the-wall without ambiance and good food. The pupusas and Don Pepe Platter show here were good, but nothing special.

We also ordered the Boca Roja Frita fried red snapper, which proved to be a mistake. While it is listed on their menu for $13.95, they will charge you $15.95 or higher. When we asked they manager about the price discrepancy, he wasn't apologetic said it was "market price". I really don't like it when restaurants think they can charge you a difference price than advertised, and then try to argue with you over $2. Sorry La Union, I wanted to like you, but I will not be back.