Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bayou Bakery on Fat Tuesday

Last Tuesday, many locals thought Bayou Bakery in Courthouse was the ideal place to start their Mardi Gras celebration. The New Orleans themed restaurant was packed around 7pm, with the line wrapping around and almost going out the door.

I really enjoyed the "Bayou Gras" menu, as the gumbo and jambalaya I tried was tasty. But the portions were small for the $7 each price, so it wasn't a very filling meal. Although Bayou started winning me back with the delicious King Cake (no babies inside these slices) and orange rum drinks. They stayed open until 10:30 pm to feed those who exhausted themselves shouting for beads at the Clarendon Parade that night.

Also it was nice running into fellow blogger Legs from Steak and Legs! Check out her blog for more local food reviews.