Sunday, October 3, 2010

Frontpage in Ballston

Frontpage in Ballston has always been a sports bar to me, similar to its neighbors Union Jack's, Rock Bottom and Bailey's. Besides hosting a few charity fundraisers, I thought of Frontpage as another place for jerseys to gather during football season.

But after getting a $20 coupon for a $40 meal at Frontpage from LivingSocial,  I decided to try their dinner options. I was pleasantly surprised that the dining section was more upscale than I expected, with white table cloths, large booths, and a menu with prime ribs, crab cakes, and tasty appetizers. Now I know why the restaurant was featured on the cover of Northern Virginia magazine in May.

Frontpage's weekly dinner specials are:
  • Monday - Seafood bar (also Wii Night)
  • Tuesday - Lobster
  • Wednesday - 1/2 price burgers
  • Thursday - 2 for $1 tacos from 5-8pm
  • Friday - Different every week
  • Saturday - Rib Special
  • Sunday - Prime Rib (also Wii Night)