Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowball fight @ Clarendon Metro

The second major snowfall of the season blanketed Clarendon in almost two feet of snow, shut down half of the restaurants and venues, and left cars stuck in snow drifts. Many residents took to walking in the plowed streets to stave off cabin fever, some of them skiing, snowboarding and sledding over the massive snowdrifts.

Someone organized a snowball fight on Craiglist at 3pm around the Metro station. A couple dozen people participated, but the snow was too powdery to make adequate projectiles, and the police where called due to possible public drinking.

RiRa, Liberty Tavern, Gilattos, Hard Times, Mister Days, Boulevard Woodgrill, and Flatbread all stayed open today to help warm up those who ventured out. Sadly Iota, Mexicali Blues, Cupcake Bakery, and La Tasca all closed.

These are a few shotsI took, and more Clarendon snow pictures can be found on this Flickr gallery and at the brand new ArlNow.com.