Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowpocalypse destroys Clarendon

At the risk of going off topic and writing about the same exact topic every single other local is talking about: The world as we know it was ended by the Snowpocalypse this morning.

The second snowstorm this winter has blanketed the region in at least 8 inches of powder. Thundersnow was reported Friday night.

Metro has closed all above ground stations, and long delays in the tunneled stations. Even walking to the Orange line stop on Clarendon and Highland is a hike, with the wind blowing snow completely horizontal.

Snowball fights are being organized via Twitte
r in Dupont Circle at 3pm, and someone is trying to set up one in Alexandria as well.

Whole Foods was open this morning with a light crowd, and Moby Dick's on Highland is reported to be staying open.

Laura Rubinchuk caught this photo of firemen rescuing a stuck mail truck, luckily for him the firehouse and post office at adjacent.

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