Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween in Clarendon

Halloween night this year was a little colder and much wetter than in 2008, but Arlington still had a lot of party goers in costume out and about. After 11pm the rain stopped and the costumed action picked up.

As with every year, Clarendon Ballroom, Mister Days and Clarendon Grill were the places to see and be seen in costume. Lines were long in each venue, but none more so than at Ballroom with a queue all the way around the block around Eventide.

Hailing a taxi was just about impossible at 2am when everything started closing up. It was great people watching witnessing the competing costumes trying to flag down a cab. Many fled to 24 hour restaurants to recuperate, and it was fun to watch Silver Dinner as it was full of half awake colorful costumes.

We also hit up Alexandria earlier in the evening hoping there would also be some original get ups to gawk at there. Sadly the rain kept people away from Old Town mostly, except for an invite only event at Torpedo Factory. Tuxedo Frog made an appearance down by the water front, who was received as the best dressed there.