Saturday, June 13, 2009

Josephine in McPhereson Square

Josephine is a upscale dance lounge featuring two DJ's playing house mixes. Located in McPherson Square on Vermont Ave, it is an easy commute from the Orange Line. The decor is very ornate and has plenty of staff tidying the place up constantly through the night.

You need your name on the list to get in, which means either signing up online ahead of time or knowing someone working there. $20 cover unless you are a lady before midnight.

If you want to sit down, a table reservation will set you back $500. So unless you have a large group wanting to stay the entire night, its best just to stay standing or try to squeeze in on the one free couch by the main stairs.

The locale is great for DC people watching, as this venue attracts a diverse and very well dressed crowd. This included a 50-something man buying a table by the bar and stereotypically surrounding himself with nine scantily clad females. My hero.