Saturday, March 28, 2009

Middle Distance Runner @ Iota

Middle Distance Runner headlined at Iota tonight and performed an awesome show. The band played a great set of new songs, the best being my favorite "The Unbeliever".

Lead singer Stephen Kilroy's vocals were invigorating. Guitarist extraordinaire Allan Chappelear's energy level was so high it was almost dangerous, with him jumping around with the guitar cable snaked around his leg. Contrasting to him, bassist Tony Acampora looked cool and collected in his suit and tie.

I was very impressed with the band's musical creativity. Allan Chappelear at one point was rubbing his guitar against the wall to create distortions. Keyboardist Jay Smith joined in the guitar play by strumming his Fender with a bow like a violin.

Erik Dean kept the beat strong on drums despite his fatigue. He was obviously ill but still managed to stick it out for the duration. This is one tough band, as two years almost the entire troop came down with food poisoning and that did not stop them from touring!