Monday, November 3, 2008

Salsa Dancing @ Lucky Bar

Lucky Bar near Dupont Circle is a dynamic multi-level little hangout tucked away on Connecticut Avenue. When entering the first level it seems like a small sports themed dive bar, but on the next level behind the bar is a narrow dance floor flanked by a pool table and a row of booths. A giant projector screen allowed me to witness the Redskins getting pumelled by the Steelers. There is also a third level tucked away between a staircase that I didn't explore.

The place really comes alive after 8pm on Mondays when the free Salsa dancing lessons begin. Unfortuately tonight the instructor called in sick, so I had to dive into the new experience of the four step dance on my first time. Still a very fun night in a relaxed bar thats an easy walk from Farraguat North metro station!