Saturday, August 16, 2008

Exit Clov and The Toothaches @ Iota

The Toothaches opened at Iota on Saturday, and I was very enthusiastic about lead singer Rose's xylophone playing. Seriously, a xylophone! That automatically makes them cool.

The progressive and politically charged tunes of Exit Clov started at 11pm. I was impressed by their diversity of instruments. Their band consisted of a guitarist who played so fast his hand was a blur who also beat a propane tank with a drum stick; a drummer that really got into the beat; and a bassist with the smallest full size bass I've seen who used a pick ala punk style.

Susan and Emily are the stars of the show and were very multi-talented. Excellent vocals, keyboard, dual violins and two cowbells were expertly played by the petite ladies. Yes, actual cowbells! What more could you ask for with only a $10 cover?