Thursday, March 27, 2008

Matthew Good @ Iota

Caught the Matthew Good show just in time at IOTA on Thursday. I don't remember hearing his music before but someone told me he had a good sound in the late 90's so I was optimistic.

But this was just him doing acoustic solos, and I hear when he used to perform with his band (the appropriately named Matthew Good Band) he was much better.

I was a little taken back by how quiet the crowd was. It was almost a full house that night, but there was a church like hush that creeped me out. Things warmed up a little when he started playing slightly more upbeat songs.

I'm not sure if it was worth paying the steep $15 cover for this show. Don't get me wrong - Matthew Good has an incredible voice that he can turn on effortlessly. And his rants were entertaining, even the political ones.

But I don't think he enjoyed playing at Iota, as he made fun of the lighting as looking like a "bad college dorm room" and gave me the impression he wanted to get the hell out of there.