Tuesday, September 29, 2009

U2 @ Fedex Field

U2 graced DC again on Tuesday night with its timeless beats, charitable themes and a incredible UFO inspired transforming stage and light show. The massive stage hovered over the band like an alien spider, changing colors and intensity to match the music. The awe inspiring collapsible and circular LED display overhead could warrant and entire post to itself. Read more about it here at Architect magazine.

European stars Muse warmed the crowd on this chilly night with a sound that was a mix of Queen and Radiohead. I liked their more mainstream songs like Starlight, but their other sets where too distortted for my taste. I did take kindly to some of their heavier bass lines that had a slight industrial tune to them.

Bono lead the "nation state of U2" through a exciting and entertaining night that included a wide variety of songs from their 80s classics to tracks off their new album. Of course charitable causes were central to the show, ranging from freeing Burma (officailly Myanmar ) and supporting the Iranian election protests (the "Green Revolution") in their Bloody Sunday set.

Bono might not be able to save the world, but he will definitely entertain you trying.