Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New restaurants in Clarendon near Zoso

Several new restaurants appear to be opening soon just south of the main Clarendon strip.

Local resident Paul Moon was kind enough to pass along this tip and photos. The storefronts at the new Zoso Flats building at 1025 N. Fillmore Street are now advertising some up and coming restaurants. Two much-needed additions are coming to the neighborhood: American Flatbread (gourmet pizza) and Artisan Confections (high-art chocolatiers).

I'm happy to see that area becoming more populated with light commercial establishments, as there is not much there currently besides Kinder Haus Toys. That block went through some growing in the past few years as Zoso was turned from condos into apartments, and I think these new restaurants moving in will help anchor that neighborhood a little more.

Thanks Paul!


Clarendude said...

The Washington Business Journal mentioned those plus a wine shop (excerpt below)

"Clarendon's Zozo building has some leases signed - among them, American Flatbread, Bake Shop, Artisan Chocolates, a salon, a dry cleaners and a dentist. Supposedly, they're also close to signing up a wine shop and wine bar combo."

Paul said...

Thanks for the additional info about the other possible tenants.

I just asked some workers today on the corner of Washington and Highland about what's going into that great art deco building that used to be Kamen Trophy Shop (connected to the post office). Really disappointed to find that it's some kind of "Mediterranean bistro," of which there are too many in the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor -- and so far they have usually felt more like cafeterias than restaurants (with the one exception of Me Jana). Think Aladdin by the Nature Conservancy.

So, I've been walking by the space for three years, and the prime real estate stayed empty all this time only to await a Mediterranean bistro. Bah!