Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Upcoming Can't Miss Bands

I'm upset at not being able to make it to the Ten Out of Tenn show at Iota last Saturday. Here are some other must see bands playing soon:


Paul said...

One thought is, something that frustrates me often (particularly at Iota) is the lack of genre descriptions. Surely musicians (particularly those out of the mainstream) hate the sacrilege of being "labeled," but Iota and other Clarendon clubs keep a super-active schedule and they just can't expect their patrons to keep up with one band's reputation and the next. Basically what I'm saying is, just showing up at Iota one evening (or even some other clubs) can result in a horrifying session of country pop, long-hair rock, guitar-and-stool folk strumming, etc. -- or more often, total magic. It's a crapshoot.

Clarendon Nights said...

I agree Paul, I've had huge differences in my experiences with local music from one day to the next in Clarendon. Iota is definitely a good example of that. Which is really a great thing to have such diversity here, even if it does disappoint.

Your point about lack of "labeling" for bands is interesting, it gives me an idea about an event calendar organized by music type.