Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clarendon 3131 Under Construction

One interesting sign that the local housing market is starting to rebound in Arlington is the construction of new condos.

I'm usually apprehensive about talk of new condos popping up close-by, as Clarendon already seems over saturated with dense residential housing like 1021, Station Square, Zoso, Clarendon Reserve, The Clarendon Apartments, and Phoenix to name just a few high rises. Plus with the new 10 story apartment tower going up at Clarendon Center I start to wonder if there is more supply than demand near this Orange line station.

But Clarendon 3131 looks to be different than most new condos. It is several blocks south of the Metro station, which limits its height to only four stories. The proposed layout of the building is two four story townhouses that sandwich 16 single floor condos.

I've been watching the construction continue along with some of my neighbors, and will be interested if the million dollar price tag for the townhouses will hold up at the end of the year.


Bijendra Thakur said...

Thanks for the information.I to agree with you that Clarendon is already over saturated with much residential projects and this new one Calrendon 3131 is an addition to this dense residential housing.
But seems little different than most of the Condos and i look like this new constrcution of Calrendon 3131.

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DG-rad said...

is the developer so ashamed of the exterior design that they don't have photos or renderings on their site? ...

Clarendude said...

I thought the use of siding on the back of the building was cheesey.

Clarendon Nights said...

I agree, the exterior does seem lacking currently. I'll post some pictures I've taken of the property recently soon.

David said...

Thanks for the information.I Think that there is much more supply than demand.And thats the reason Clarendon is over saturated.

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