Thursday, September 14, 2017

Goodbye Iota

Such a sad day to acknowledge that my favorite live music venue of all time Iota Club and Café will be closing for good on Sept 30 2017. As reported in detail by ArlNow, the owners have decided to pack it up after their lease ends as the building is being remodeled and ending Iota's unique place in Arlington culture for 23 years. Their final lineup so far is Last Train Home on the 28th and 29th.

While nothing can replace Iota, similar spots like Galaxy Hut down the street and Gypsy Sally's in Georgetown will continue to host bands that would have played here.

I have such fond memories of this place and all the wonderful people I've met there, like Justin Trawick, Derek EvryAlex Parez, Margot MacDonald and Rae Williamson just to name a few. ArlNow has an extensive list of performances that have graced Iota's small stage. Here is a quick list of my favorite shows at the quirky place that kept Clarendon strange:

My first recorded Iota night almost 10 years ago with the fun local band Boxcar Collision.

Matthew Good's oddly quiet show in 2008

The super catchy pop punk Exit Clov bursting with style and cow bells

My first show with Juniper Lane and witnessing Vivion Smith's killer vocals

Ending 2008 on an amazing festive night with Ten Out of Tenn. Might have been the best concert experience ever.

That time Tristan Prettyman sold out her show and the first time I saw a line down the block for Iota. Luckily she came back in 2011.

Reni Lane!!!

Katie Herzig's Hologram song live along with Butterfly Boucher in the same night.

Juniper Lane and Margot MacDonald on the same night in 2012!

The week everything was free at Iota in 2014

Luckily for us the Nine Songwriter Series frequently visited Iota

Derek Evry is awesome. Middle Distance Runner is awesome. And both in the same night!

The unforgettable night with Invisible Witches debuting in summer of 2014.

When Boston based Air Traffic Controller dropped by and forever got their song Hurry Hurry stuck in my head.

Justin Trawick's birthday show in 2015. This is the most musically talented and active guy here.