Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cancer Prevention happy hour fundraiser at Wilson Tavern

This Thursday June 6 Wilson Tavern is hosting a happy hour for a great cause from 5pm to 9pm. That night 10% of their bar and 100% of registration proceeds will go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation's fundraising efforts for the 5k Walk/Run in September. The evening includes extended happy hour specials and a pair of sourviegner sunglasses. Tickets are $8 online or $10 at the door. You can check out the event on Facebook for more information or donate directy to them here.


Kim_Burns said...

I have heard great feedbacks about your blog from my friends that's the reason why I decided to look at your blogs and I was so surprised even Dr Fredda Branyon likes it too. Thanks and keep sharing!

Les said...

To the blog author: Sorry to use your blog in this way, but thought you would like to know that Ms. Burns above has been hijacking blogs/posts with the word "cancer" in the title (including mine) to push her agenda with Branyon, who as it turns out, is NOT a doctor...but a criminal!! Fredda Branyon of Scottsdale, Arizona, has made thousands off sick and desperate individuals, thinks. Ms. Branyon started buying umbilical cords and cord blood tissue from a Del Rio birthing center in 2009. Then, with no training regarding stem cell development or the legal ability to do so, she manufactured hundreds of vials of "stem cells". She sold 183 vials of "stem cells" for more than $300,000, to Francisco Morales, who worked with the lab she owned, Global Laboratories. Morales, in turn, led his patients to believe he was a doctor (he isn't) and was arrested in Texas for treating people with cancer and multiple sclerosis in "treatments" not approved by the FDA. Branyon pleaded guilty during an investigation by the FDA and FBI in 2011. She was facing 3 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. I hope she is cooling her heels in prison as I write.
Thought you would prefer to know.
Wishing you the best, Celeste