Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shamrocks and Shenanigans party at Rumors March 16

The 14th annual Shamrocks and Shenanigans party will be hosted at Rumors in DC and will celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with Irish-themed band Turtle Recall, contests, drinks specials and more. This is a two day event that lasts from Saturday March 16th 3pm-close and then Sunday March 17th 11am-close. The $5 cover includes drink specials like:

3pm-4pm: $1.17 Coors Lights & $2.17 Blue Moons
4pm-9pm: $2.17 Coors Lights & $3.17 Blue Moons
9pm-12am: $3.17 Coors Lights & $4.17 Blue Moons
11am-2pm: $1.17 Coors Lights & $2.17 Blue Moons
2pm-2am: $2.17 Coors Lights & $3.17 Blue Moons


Anonymous said...

Good to know, considering this isnt related to Clarendon at all...

Clarendon Nights said...

True, this event takes place in DC not Clarendon. But I still like to write about events I find interesting, even if its outside my 'jurisdiction' =)