Friday, June 12, 2020

Partial restaurant openings with Phase 2

Arlington will join the rest of Virginia in entering "Phase 2" restrictions this Friday, June 12 that will allow limited indoor restaurant seating again. Outdoor patio seating at 50% capacity has been allowed since Phase 1, with many local restaurants like O'Sullivans, Whitlows, TTT and Bar Bao already having very limited seating outside.

Some venues like Pamplona have remained closed completely despite having outdoor space, while in contrast The Lot became very popular when it reopened. Despite The Lot following CDC guidelines with 6 feet between tables and no more than 50% capacity, it still can hold over 350 patrons at once.
It also appears The Lot attracts those who care the least about spreading the virus, as virtually none of the customers wear masks (all Lot employees do though) and none of them respect social distancing in line to get in.

Live streaming music will continue as before with Phase 1, as large gathering entertainment isn't allowed yet either. The Renegade continues to host local bands like Kara and Matty D, Uncle Jesse and KeetonBand tonight at 9pm. The Pop Rocks DC played on Renegade's stage last week and even donated all their tips from the virtual show to Black Lives Matter.

Be sure to check out Justin Trawick and Laura LeMunyan, Derek Evry, CathyD, and DJ Neekola streams on their Instagram Live and Facebook Live accounts. WERA also has daily live music on their app, website and 96.7 FM.