Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Goodbye Bracket Room (not really)

Not an April Fools joke, but Bracket Room announced on Instagram Monday March 30  that it is re-opening for carryout only. These are confusing times. Glad to have this Clarendon venue back though and hope all the other restaurants can eventually re-open too after the pandemic.

Original post:
The COVID-19 coronavirus appears to have permanently closed Bracket Room today, March 24. The sports venue on Garfield Street had previously reduced service for take out and delivery to help limit the spread of the virus. It is the first in what could be a series of permanent closures that will completely change the Clarendon nightlife and business scene in these dangerous times.

Bracket Room will be missed as it has been servicing drinks and throwing sports events for more than six years. I particularly remember an incredibly fun night in 2013 that turned into my favorite NYE in Clarendon ever. While relatively small and tucked behind Circa, it had a multitude of TV screens and often threw charitable events for suicide prevention and cancer fundraisers.

Thank you for Chris Bukowski and the other owners for the past six years! Sad to see Bracket Room shut down.