Monday, February 6, 2012

Odd Bar at Eventide open now

Eventide's Odd Bar in Clarendon
One of my favorite local restuants Eventide recently underwent a moderate redesign. Now dubbed Odd Bar, the interior of Eventide's first floor has been redone to facilite more social interactions with standing-height tables and additional room to move around. The decorations are more industrial-modern, and it seems they are trying to appeal to a younger crowd with the addition of several TVs playing sports channels. The second and third floor have remained unchanged.
Eventide also includes a new dishes designed by Executive Chef Adam Barnett. Odd Bar’s menu features classic American fare with a twist like Buffalo Chicken Wings marinated in a slightly south of Buffalo sauce and blue cheese fondue, and new bistro plates like Steak Frites, teres major steak with herb butter and steak jus; Potato Gnocchi with roasted mushrooms and lemon hollandaise; and Virginia Sea Bream with broccolini in a brown, butter sauce.

My favorite features of Odd Bar are their happy hour sepecials until 7pm weekdays: a burger & draft beer for $15, Bucket of fries for $3 or The Bronx cocktail at $5.50.


Miles Grant said...

Stopped by last week, enjoyed the better variety in menu & beer list & being able to watch games. But my friends & I got the evil eye from a couple who thought Eventide was still a quiet date bar, so it may take some time for things to even out.

Anonymous said...

As long as they are serving Truffle Fries, I will continue to give them rave reviews.

Anonymous said...

sadly, the charm and unique spirit is gone.. it's become just another crowded bar pumping out the Miller Light...