Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Great Date Scenes: Lyon Hall Lobster & Crab Burger

Lobster & Crab Burger and Fries
 A recent new addtion to Lyon Hall's menu warrants another review of Liberty Tavern's sister restaruant. A few weeks ago Lyon Hall added a "Lobster & Crab Burger" to their lunch menu, and it was so popular they made it available as a dinner entre. 
Diver's Scallops and Bacon
The "burger" is more like a crab cake sandwitch with lobster meat and the filler being crab meat. It is absolutely delicious and comes with plenty of fries, making it a good dinner choice at $20 for a higher-end restaurant like Lyon Hall. I paired this dish with the "Dark Side" beer flight which was just as enjoyable.

Also pictured here is the "Diver's Scallops" entre which comes with a slice of cripsy bacon. The scallops were tasty, but over all the dish felt lacking.

Lyon Hall is a great dinner venue, given their great beer selection, shaded outdoor seating and conversation-starting bathroom setup.


Paul said...

Tried this last night after your endorsement. Less dense than I expected it would be. Above average. But I don't think I'd order it again until sampling other entrees on the menu that also sounded delicious.

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