Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hunan Number One

This Sunday was a slow night for Clarendon, as most places were almost empty like the Clarendon Grill which closed around 7pm after the Giants game finished. I was on my way to Iota for the Save the Arlington Planetarium benefit concert, when the freezing wind picked up and I ducked into Hunan Number One for safety. Hunan was also quiet, unlike the previous Sunday before Christmas, but the bartenders were friendly and the huge cheap beers were plentiful.

Hunan is another one of Clarendon's "secrets", as its tucked away down on North Garfield Street opposite of Mexicali Blues. It's famous for their generous 32 oz huge beers and cheap pitchers. They offer good brews like Magic Hat and the delicious Sarana Caramel Porter.

Remember, there is still time to donate to save the Planetarium before the end of the year!